Meet Service Finance

Our new financing partner for your growing HVAC business

Keep you family cool and comfortable when you need it most

  • Promotional plans including True No Interest, No Payment
  • Short- and Long-term fixed interest plans
  • Hybrid Plans ā€“ No Interest No Payment term followed by low-interest fixed rate term

Get more yeses and streamline your sales process

Fully paperless application and loan processing

Approvals down to 580 FICO scores

Dashboard with real-time tracking to manage loans

Minimum 1 year in business

Competitive, transparent pricing for contractors

  • No hidden fees for you or your consumer
  • No credit card or ACH processing fees
  • No activation fees or minimum volume fees

ā€œService Finance offers our clients an excellent product with great rates. The SVC app is great and very easy to use.ā€

Tom W. – Cross Atlantic Solar, Florida

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