Meet Service Finance

A finance partner for your growing HVAC contractors

Keep your family cool and comfortable when you need it most

Promotional plans including True No Interest, No Payment
Short- and Long-term fixed interest plans
Hybrid Plans – No Interest No Payment term followed by low-interest fixed rate term

Get more yeses and streamline your sales process

Fully paperless application and loan processing

Approvals down to 580 FICO scores

Dashboard with real-time tracking to manage loans

Minimum 1 year in business

Competitive, transparent pricing for contractors

No hidden fees for you or your consumer
No credit card or ACH processing fees
No activation fees or minimum volume fees

“Service Finance offers our clients an excellent product with great rates. The SVC app is great and very easy to use.”

Tom W. – Cross Atlantic Solar, Florida

Your questions answered

Who is Service Finance?

Service Finance is a nationally licensed finance company and approved FHA Title 1 Lender that provides a wide variety of financing plans, including promotional, fixed rate, and hybrid ones, that contractors can choose to offer customers looking for a way to finance their HVAC jobs.

What are the requirements to offer financing through Service Finance?

To offer financing through Service Finance, contractors must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year, be licensed in the state and/or jurisdiction they do business in and provide said license as proof upon enrollment. Contractors should also have trade credit references and a credit report in good standing. If needed, financial statements are requested to justify extension of credit.

How long does it take to get a contractor application approved?

Once contractors have submitted their complete application to Service Finance, it typically takes up to 2-3 business days to process their application. However, if further financial statements are needed, this could extend to up to 10 days.

Does Service Finance only offer loans to customers with Prime Credit?

No, Service Finance offers finance products to consumers with good credit as well as consumers who have bruised credit histories. They buy deepest in the credit cycle – down to 580 FICO scores.

How long does it take for contractors to get paid once the customer approves their HVAC job?

Service Finance pays contractors via ACH (Automated Clearing House) when they request payment via the Portal. The funds are typically disbursed 24-48 hours after payment is requested.