Alternative Financing.
NO Merchant Fees

Introducing a different kind of Second Look lender, available to HVAC contractors in Florida!

Affordable Options, No Dealer Fee.

Nonprofit Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF) is a Green Bank that specializes in offering affordable loan options for energy-efficient home improvements to low-to-moderate income communities.

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Easy Approval

No minimum years in business or annual revenue to become a merchant

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Inclusive Lending

Offer loans to no/low credit, low-to-moderate income, veterans, women head of household, and retirees

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Become part of SELF's network of vetted contractors

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Fast Payment

Get paid in full after completing the job via ACH or check

A unique lender model.

SELF lets contractors offer attractive plans to customers with no/low FICO scores on a fixed income. 

Commonly asked questions.

SELF is an independent, nonprofit, community-based, Green Bank lending organization. Their focus is on home renovations, including HVAC jobs, that promote energy efficiency, clean energy alternatives, storm protection, water conservation, and disability products. SELF provides homeowners with access to low-cost capital to finance sustainable home improvement projects.

A Green Bank is a financial institution dedicated to supporting climate-friendly projects, including energy savings and solar generation projects in residential and commercial buildings. Typically, Green Banks partner with other organizations, such as government agencies, non-profits, and private investors, to offer long-term, low-interest loans that aren’t available on the private market to help make these types of projects affordable. 

The SELF pilot is open to any Florida HVAC contractors, including those enrolled in Credit for Comfort and using other lenders.
The SELF pilot is ideally suited for contractors looking for an additional Second Look option – and for those who want a Second Look option but are unable to meet its requirements.
No, SELF does not charge contractors a merchant fee to offer financing to their customers.

Customers who may not qualify for financing plans offered by traditional banks because of Low/No FICO scores; and those who are on a tight income and need the lowest possible monthly payment. Plus, groups such as women head of household, retirees, and veterans.

Contractors need to have business reviews that are in good standing, general liability and workers’ comp insurance, and final approval of their HVAC job by a certified compliance FL inspector.

No, there is no minimum year in business required to offer SELF plans.

No, there is no annual income required to offer SELF plans.

Yes, there is a UCC lien until equipment is completely paid off.

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