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It’s really a no brainer to offer customers financing with Credit for Comfort. Watch this video and find out why!


Great rates with LOWER merchant fees!

Offer your customers greater flexibility. We have over 30 plans to fit all of your customers’ needs!

What Credit for Comfort can do for your business

25% Jump in Average Ticket

Contractors who use Credit for Comfort see an average ticket jump of 25%, $1,400 on additional sales

+ $2,558 in additional approved funds

Since consumers can get approved for more than they applied for, they get on average $2,558 more buying power

Average Ticket of $10.3k

Contractors that offer financing with Credit for Comfort saw average tickets of $10,300.

Real usage data over the last 3 years. Individual results may vary

A one-stop shop for all your customer needs

  • Integrated Prime and 2nd look with approvals down to 500 FICO scores
  • Wide variety of fixed rate, promotional and hybrid plans so you can close cash AND equal payment customers
  • Easy to use platform, paperless applications and decisions in seconds
  • Applications can be texted or emailed to customers for convenience and safety

Contactless experience that delivers peace of mind

With the Credit for Comfort app, your customers have the flexibility to apply:

Via email or text on their own device

Through Your Website

In the home on your device

What Our Customers are Saying

“Our average ticket has improved considerably. It’s easy to use, fast and plans are flexible so they work for most people’s budget”

Linda Tappen

Office Manager, Dick's Air Conditioning & Heating

“Our conversion rates have improved tremendously and our average ticket is up 25%. Customers keep recommending us to their friends and call us because we offer financing”

Jay Villegas

Owner and Manager, Frontier A/C Heating & Refrigeration

“Not only has Credit for Comfort helped raise my average ticket by 30%, but our sales have increased as well. We are now at a 46% close rate.”

Michael Key


“Since using Credit for Comfort, I have closed 5 out of 5 deals and working on 10 more!”

Tony Geschwentner

Glassman Corporation

“We're one of the few small businesses to offer financing. Had a few customers reaching out just because they knew they could finance their purchase with us!”

Nilofar Moayyer

Quality air Experts llc

“Since the integration of Credit for Comfort with OnCall Air, I am able to sell higher tickets and get financing done even when I'm not with the customer. Very helpful during COVID19!”

Philip Aleo

Hopkins Air Conditioning

What you get

Competitive Rates

Choose from a wide range of competitive plans that fit both your customers and your business needs.

Single Paperless Application

Forget about application paperwork. With Credit for Comfort the entire process is done online in minutes.

Live Application Status & Submision Alerts

Track your sales and financing offers plus get an email alert the moment your customers apply for financing so you can check if they've been approved and close those sales.

Ongoing Support

Our team will get you up and running fast and will support you every step of the way.

Integrated Prime & 2nd look

Our waterfall feature gives you more chances to close the deal.

Available on Any Device

Credit for Comfort is a web application that can be accessed from any device. Use it on your desktop, iOS or Android device.

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