OnCall Air and Credit for Comfort are now Integrated

Both OnCall Air and Credit for Comfort are powerful tools to help you grow your HVAC system:

OnCall Air is a digital-proposal system that makes it easy for contractors to email customized, user-friendly proposals to their customers.

Credit for Comfort is a financing app that enables contractors to provide financing to their customers and get approval decisions in seconds.

And now, they have joined forces! Credit for Comfort has now been integrated into the OnCall Air platform, so you and your business can reap double the benefits, and supercharge your ability to close more sales, have a higher ticket, and save tons of time!

With OnCall Air and Credit for Comfort you now can:

  • Differentiate yourself from the pack
  • Ensure product, pricing and inventory information from your preferred suppliers is ALWAYS up to date 
  • Build fully digital interactive proposals in minutes and track your customers’ interaction with your quotes
  • Streamline your sales and customer experience with integrated financing
  • Send automatic follow ups to customers so you don’t miss a beat.
  • Close more sales at the kitchen table on the first visit by providing your customers more flexibility and payment options with approval decisions in seconds
  • Streamline your sales process even further by allowing your customers to apply for financing when they receive their proposal or after they have approved it
  • Shorten your sales cycle by tracking how your customers not only interact with their proposals but also their financing plans
  • Provide your customers the convenience of applying for financing on their own and getting financing decisions in seconds
  • Access competitive rate plans that are right for you and your customers
  • Offer your customers Prime, 2nd look and PACE* financing options with a single paperless application

To learn more about how you can benefit from OnCall Air’s and Credit for Comfort’s powerful integration, book a demo now!

Start Offering Financing with Credit for Comfort

Talk to our success team about how easy it is to start offering financing and increase your sales with the Credit for Comfort app

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