Myths versus Facts: Commercial Financing

You may think commercial financing is only for big construction and development projects. But many lenders, including our partner PEAC Solutions, specialize in small business loans.

If you own an HVAC business, you can use offer this type of financing to help your business clients pay for their job – and win that sale.

Still skeptical? Watch our “Myth versus Fact: Business Financing” video below – and check out what the data really has to say about business financing. Then, if you are interested in getting started, sign up with our business lender partner today!

Read the video transcript below:

The word “commercial” may sound big. But in reality, commercial lenders like our partner PEAC Solutions specialize in providing small business loans.

Surprised? Let’s go ahead and examine some other myths about commercial financing.


Myth: Most businesses do not use financing.

Fact: 79% of all businesses finance*


Myth: Commercial jobs are not as in demand as residential jobs.

Fact: 30% of businesses expect the volume of their commercial jobs to increase over the next 12 months.*


Myth: There are no advantages for small businesses to use commercial financing.

Fact: 65% of businesses cite tax advantages as one of the reasons they invest in commercial jobs.*


Myth: Businesses don’t need to keep up with the latest HVAC equipment and technology.

Fact: 64% of businesses will use commercial financing to have up-to-date equipment and technology. *

So, what’s the takeaway?

Simply put, commercial financing is small business financing. Think barbershop, dentist’s office, remote work, even moose lounge!

The majority of business owners offer commercial financing because:

  • It helps them keep their cash flow levels healthy
  • They get tax breaks
  • They can keep up with the latest technology and equipment

So, can commercial financing help your HVAC business? If you have ever received a call from a business owner wanting your services, the answer is yes!

*Source: Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation’s Horizon Report, 2022

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