Marketing Toolkit

Tips and Tricks to promote financing effectively

Promote the fact that you offer payment options every chance you get

Letting your customers know that you offer payment options early on will make them feel at ease and may increase their purchasing power. Here we share some tips and tricks to get this message out!

Place the Comfort Button on your website

Install it by logging into the Credit for Comfort App and following the instructions.

Banners for your website

Place these banners all over your website so it’s always present as customers make purchasing decisions. Link these back to your Comfort button to streamline the application process

Consumer flyers

Cobranded flyers to share with your customers, no matter what product you use

Fortiva and GreenSky Consumer Flyer

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Fortiva Consumer Flyer

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GreenSky Consumer Flyer

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Contractor Cheat Sheet

Explaining promotional plans to your customers doesn’t need to be hard. Use our handy cheat sheet to quickly provide your customers with estimates of their monthly payments for common plans.

 *For qualified contractors

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