How your HVAC technicians can offer financing on every job (part 2)

See how your tech can bring up the financing conversation during the home visit easily with our Credit for Comfort platform.

HVAC technicians know their trade. But being a salesperson able to walk customers through financing options takes a different skill set and requires training. The good news is, that training doesn’t have to be complicated. What techs need is a simple script they can use consistently. Plus, a simple platform like Credit for Comfort techs can use to send customers financing offers digitally.

Video Transcript

Train your HVAC technicians how to talk about your financing offers

In our last video, we showed you when you needed to start introducing financing to customers. Now let’s move to the first visit and learn how tech “Sean” picks up that conversation.

Technician: I just finished writing up your quote. As my office manager mentioned, we do offer financing. Is that something you’d be interested in?

Customer: Yeah, we just bought our new home, so I’d rather finance. Do you have any no-interest offers?

Technician: Yeah, we do. We have a no-interest, 36-month plan available. And your monthly payment would only be $333.”

Customer: ”I’d like to pay about $150 or less per month. So that’s a little bit out of my budget. Is there any other plan you can offer? ”

Technician: Yeah, we have a 120-month plan, 5.99% fixed apr and the monthly payments will go down to $140 a month, which is right on budget for you.

Customer: That plan sounds good, but I’ll need to speak to my wife first.

Technician: Let me send you an application link through text or email. If you and your wife decide to move forward, you can fill out that link and get a decision quickly.

Customer: Sounds pretty straightforward. So, what happens when we’re approved?

Technician: I get a notification and we can get started working on your new system right away.

The takeaway

Want to get the same results? Show your HVAC technicians that offering financing is not so complicated. And remember, bring up the financing conversation every time to get the maximum rewards.

Want to check out part 1? You can watch it here.

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