How to find the right HVAC sales manager

What qualities should you look for in an HVAC sales manager? You may be surprised to learn that the best sales managers are generally NOT the best salespeople. Surprised? Well, don’t worry–we are here to help you out. Here is a list of the most important characteristics an HVAC sales manager should have:

The right HVAC sales manager knows how to collaborate and build community with their team to get the best out of them
An HVAC sales manager is a natural leader who will get the best work out of the rest of your HVAC team through collaboration, motivation and community building.

1. The right HVAC sales manager knows how to manage a team

As the blog 5 Ways to Grow your HVAC Business presents, the people you hire can make or break your ability to grow your HVAC business. Not surprisingly, the best sales managers in the HVAC industry are experts at managing their sales teams. But what does that mean in practical terms?

Here is the answer: The best HVAC sales managers know how to motivate, monitor, guide, and build community amongst their sales team. Those managers that show these qualities are the ones you should hire. Another important quality you should look for in an HVAC hiring manager is someone who can work with the team to solve problems quickly and effectively.

The right HVAC sales manager constantly thinks about how to improve processes to grow your HVAC business
The best HVAC sales managers constantly have HVAC businesses’ processes on their mind–and are constantly thinking about how they can improve them to help you grow your business.

2. The right HVAC sales manager is able to improve processes

Top sales managers do more than keep a team working. They are constantly on the lookout for how sales team processes can be bettered. A manager with this ability may ask the following questions:

  • What does your business’ lead pipeline look like?
  • Who is responsible for onboarding new customers?
  • Where is the line between what your sales and technical teams do with sales?
  • What digital tools can your sales team use to persuade customers to close the job with your HVAC business?
  • How can your business reach more potential customers in less time without giving up quality?

Based on the answers to these questions, a strong sales manager will make a plan and get to work! And their goal will be to make real improvements to your processes so that the whole team can bring in more customers to your HVAC business.

The right HVAC sales manager knows how understand and track your HVAC business' key KPIs
A great HVAC sales manager knows how to understand and track your HVAC businesses’ key KPI’s. Plus, make a plan for your team based on those insights.

3. The right HVAC sales manager can understand and track your business’ key KPIs

So far, we’ve looked at qualitative characteristics you need to look for in a sales manager. However, the best sales managers also are driven to work on quantifiable results. These include tracking the following KPIs:

  • Increasing your closing ratios
  • Improving your year-over-year (YOY) performance
  • Increasing your customer retention rate

By understanding these 3 key KPIs, your sales manager can identify and implement important decisions that help you scale your HVAC business.

Now you are ready to find the right HVAC sales manager

In the end, the best sales managers in our HVAC industry are as good at managing people as they are at tracking key KPIs.

This means they have the ability to make process improvements in any HVAC business quickly and effectively. And get the best out of your HVAC team.

So how do you know if the sales manager you hire has these qualities? You can look for reference to these skillsets in their letters of recommendation, and by asking questions about these abilities during the interview process. Plus, you can also set-up a pre-employment trial period to make sure you have found the best HVAC sales manager for your business!

And remember–even the best HVAC sales managers need the right tools to succeed. By giving your sales team the ability fo offer financing to potential customers with Credit for Comfort, you can increase your close sales and average ticket even more!

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