Credit for Comfort has a New Finance Partner

We are delighted to introduce you to Service Finance, our newest finance partner.

With Service Finance, contractors who have been in business for a year or more now have the ability to offer customers financing.

We have partnered with Service Finance to provide a solution for contractors who wanted to offer financing to their customers through the Credit for Comfort app, but did not meet the minimum 2-years in business requirement to qualify for Greensky or Fortiva, our Prime and 2nd Look lending partners.

We strove to find a partner able to provide these customers a faster way to grow their business with financing, and selected Service Finance based on this ability plus other competitive benefits they offer to contractors and their customers. These include:

Contractors who sign up for Service Finance have the ability to choose from over 55 plans, including promotional, fixed rate and hybrid plans. To clarify: The promotional plans are true, no interest/no payment plans; fixed interest plans are short and long term, and the hybrid plans combine a no interest, no payment term followed by a low-interest fixed rate term.

Service Finance also offers competitive and transparent pricing for both contractors and consumers, with NO hidden fees, such as merchant or credit card processing fees, ACH fees, activation fees or minimum volume fees.

This lending partner also offers contractors flexibility. You can selected both Prime and 2nd Look plan options, since they accept approval rates for customers with 800+ down to 580 FICO scores.

Finally, Service Finance makes the application process simple and completely paperless. Your application is generally processed within 2-3 business days. And once you’re approved, you can manage all your loans with a real-time tracking dashboard.

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