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Commercial Financing

Finance Commercial Jobs at $0 cost to you…Always!

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Make it affordable for your commercial customers to make the equipment purchases they need

HVAC/R Commercial Lending
that Works

Flexible financing and same day approvals help you close more and bigger jobs

Upfront payments

50-100% payment before installation for qualified contractors

Larger projects

Bundle equipment, crane rental, duct work, installation, and other equipment needs into one affordable payment

No cost or recourse

No merchant or credit card processing fees…simple!

Paperless application

In many cases, your customers will just need to fill out a simple application to get approved

Financing solutions for:

Religious institutions
Medical offices/facilities
Non-profit organizations
Educational institutions
Retail Shops
….And more!

Integrated with OnCall Air

Top questions about commercial financing

What is Marlin Capital Solutions?
Marlin Capital Solutions is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: MRLN) equipment finance company with a specialized focus in small business lending.  Marlin has an entire team devoted specifically to commercial HVAC financing solutions.
How much can I finance through Marlin?
The minimum financing amount is $3,000 and the maximum is $300,000
How long does it take to get a customer approved?
About 50% of applications get approval decisions in seconds. The other 50% which require manual review by a credit officer, take between 2-4 business hours.
What can be included in the financed amount?
All HVAC/R equipment, IAQ products, accessories, ductwork, controls and automation systems, installation costs, maintenance, warranties, service plans, crane rental, freight and sales tax.
How much does it cost me to offer Marlin financing?
There is no cost to the contractor to use Marlin’s commercial financing.
How do I get paid?
Depending on the payment plan that you are approved for at the time of application you can get 100% payment upfront, 50% advance payment or payment in full upon delivery and installation. All payments are made via ACH typically within 24 hours of agreement execution and/or installation.

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