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Why you should sell value, not price

Some HVAC salespeople believe price is all that matters. Their conversations begin and end with the customers' question: What's the job going to cost? Selling...

We have expanded our financing partners. Introducing CustomFin

We are very excited to introduce you to Custom Financing Solutions (i.e., CustomFin). CustomFin is a great new addition to our roster of finance...

Our Team was in Texas spreading the Word about Credit for Comfort

Guests enjoy a cup of joe and a hearty breakfast as they listen to Credit for Comfort presenter Kyler Clifton explain how the Credit for Comfort app works.

The Real Costs of Not Offering Financing

The real cost of not offering financing for your HVAC customers is that you're missing out on big opportunities that can be beneficial to...

4 Steps to Getting your Team Engaged with Financing

You know what providing financing for your customers can do for your HVAC business and are ready to get started. The next step is...

How Deferred Interest Plans Work

The following video explains how deferred-loans work and provides some tips you can share with customers how they can best approach repayment. How Deferred...

How Multiple Loan Applications Can Affect your Customer’s Credit Score

If you are looking to finance your home, get a credit card, or receive any other type of personal bank loan in the U.S.,...

6 Steps You Can Take to Sell with Second Look Financing

Second Look financing is a powerful lending alternative to Prime, enabling you to provide customers with near prime or subprime credit scores an affordable way to finance their HVAC job.

Why is Data Privacy Important to your Business?

In today's online culture, our ability to keep our data private has become increasing difficult as we share more personal information online and that...

5 Ways to Lead the Sale with Financing

Leading the sale with financing is one way you can put your best foot forward on your next homeowner visit and help close that sale.

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