5 Tips On How to Handle Customer Complaints

Picture this scene. You’re an HVAC contractor, you’ve finished a job, and you’ve just gotten an angry customer phone call or a bad Yelp review. How will you handle customer complaints?

If you’re like me, your knee-jerk reaction may be to freak out and go on a spiral, thinking: “Oh no, this is it. This customer complaint is going to ruin my business. I’m going to be out of a job.”

But hopefully, after that initial moment of panic, you take a deep breath and remember that you’re an HVAC contractor. That means you’ve handled many challenging situations, including doing installs under extreme temperatures, from -0 to 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. And you are totally equipped to handle customer complaints. You just need a little guidance!

Here are 5 tips on how to handle customer complaints like a pro:

1. Listen

When customers complain, you gotta listen. You need to understand what customers are feeling. What are their concerns? What do they expect? Meet or exceed those expectations and they’ll be calling YOU first whenever they’re in need of your HVAC services again.

2. Say Sorry

Addressing any perceived wrongdoing on your part is powerful. It’s like casting a spell. Apologizing shows that you care. It’s like saying, “I understand where I made an error. Let’s fix this together.” Your apology will show your customers that you’re determined to make things right with them. And go a long way in repairing your relationship with the customer.

3. Investigate

Time to put your detective hat on. Investigate the complaint by talking to the technician who worked on your customers’ HVAC system (it may be a problem with their handiwork). Check records; or survey their property (with permission, of course!). Your goal is to find the root cause and crack the case – then offer a viable solution.

4. Respond Quickly

You know who likes speed? Customers! Fix their HVAC system, give them a discount, or provide any other service that will help make things right with the customer. Whatever you do – solve the problem ASAP. No one, including your customers, likes waiting around for their HVAC job complaints to be addressed. For some templates on how to deal with customer complaints, click here.

5. Follow-Up

After you deal with the complaint, you need to stay available. Follow up with the customer to make sure they’re happy with the resolution. This is your chance to show off your amazing customer service skills and make them feel that you value their business.

Bonus Tip: The Price Problem

Sometimes, customers – particularly those who haven’t had to deal with an HVAC repair or replacement in a while – complain about the cost of new AC units. It’s a common problem – and here are some things you can do:

  • Explain the value of investing in a high-quality AC unit—like potential tax write-offs or savings on their energy bill!
  • Offer them simple-to-use financing from Credit for Comfort or another lender platform, so they don’t need to pay the full cost of an AC job upfront.
  • Show them how the AC unit pays off in energy savings and ultimate comfort through a sales platform like OnCall Air, which makes it easy to include estimated CO2 and energy savings over the lifetime of a unit.

To Sum Up

Being a professional HVAC contractor means handling complaints with grace, a cool head, and a positive attitude. Remember to listen, apologize, investigate, solve, and follow up. Now go forth and be the HVAC professional your customers need!

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